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Video | Case IH – Thirty Plus Hay Preservative

Pestell Minerals & Ingredients is the exclusive distributor of Thirty Plus Hay Preservative in Canada, supplying Case IH dealers across the country.

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Thirty Plus – Hay Preservative

What is Thirty Plus?

Buffered Propionic Acid
Buffered Propionic acid is the most popular type of preservative used on hay between 16% and 30% moisture. While other acids can be used to preserve hay, propionic is the most effective in controlling the molds commonly found in hay. Un-buffered acid has a pH of less than 1 and is therefore very corrosive. The buffering process can raise the pH to 6, the same as rain water, and is much easier to use than straight acid. However, in raising the pH, careful manufacturing procedures must be followed to prevent neutralizing the propionic acid making it much less effective. A truly reacted buffered propionic acid will keep the effectiveness of straight acid and that is what makes Thirty Plus effective on hay up to 30% moisture.

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