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Trident Protected Fats – Sustainable Palm Oil in Protected Fats

Since June 2014, all Trident Protected Fat products, including Silver Prills & Golden Flake have been GreenPalm certified.

All users of Trident Protected Fats can claim they are supporting the production of Sustainable Palm Oil.

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Silver Prills – A Palm Fat Supplement

Silver Prills is based on palm stearin, a by-product from the processing of palm oil. It is high in C16:0 content, extremely high in energy and used as a top dress or in TMR’s.

Listed here are the Features & Benefits, Feeding & Using, Production Process and Typical Analysis of Silver Prills.

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The Skinny on Palm Fats

Maximizing Milk Yield & Butterfat Potential

The modern dairy cow has the ability to produce tremendous volumes of milk and milk components, such as milk protein and milk fat. With this increased production potential also comes a much higher energy demand for the cow to reach it’s maximum potential. As a result, in many cases supplemental fat to the ration can help cover these increased needs and Palm Fat is finding a foundation role in supporting milk and milk fat production levels.

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