Yellow Iron Oxide Natural



Iron oxides are produced from ferrous sulfate by heat soaking, removal of water, decomposition, washing, filtration, drying and grinding. They are produced in either anhydrous or hydrated forms.

The food-quality iron oxides are primarily distinguished from technical grades by their comparatively low levels of contamination by other metals; this is achieved by the selection and control of the source of the iron or by the extent of chemical purification during the manufacturing process.

Iron oxides and hydroxides are a group of inorganic pigments collectively allowed for use as food and feed additives. They are nontoxic, relatively low cost, and have a wide range of applications. Natural iron oxides generally cost less than synthetic iron oxides.

Typical Chemical Analysis
Fe 38%
Fe2O3 55%
SiO2 28%
A12O3 6.0%
MnO2 2.8%
CaO 0.5%
MgO 0.2%
Moisture 0.5%
Loss on Ignition 8.0%
Physical Description
Color Yellowish Brown
Fineness 98% thru 325 Mesh
Specific Gravity 3.5
Apparent Bulk Density
Loose 55 lb/ft3
Compacted 89 lb/ft3
Package 50 lb 3 ply paper bag

Packaging: 40 x 50lb Bags

Revised Date: 15 March 2016

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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