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Nitrogen (N) fertilizers are the most popular ameliorations in the global agricultural industry. Nitrogen is often required in the greatest quantity by crops, primarily for vigor and yield. Nitrogen plays a key role in chlorophyll production and protein synthesis. Chlorophyll is the green plant pigment responsible for photosynthesis. When nitrogen is deficient, plants develop yellow or pale leaves and their growth is stunted.

Nitrogen fertilizer is applied on an ongoing basis as long as nitrogen is completely taken up by crops in one agricultural season.

Item Specification
Total Nitrogen (N) 46.00 % Min
Moisture 0.3% Max
Biuret 1.2% Max
Equivalent Crude Protein 287.5%
Bulk Density 760 kg/m3
Tyler Sieve Retained on Mesh, -9 +20 99% Min
Size Guide # 145-165
Water Solubility 100 %

40 x 25kg Bags
1 x 1000kg Totes

Revision Date: 30 August 2017

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