Trace Mineralized Stock Salt, Blocks & Licks – Sifto

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Vacuum pan salt produced by industry standard solution mining and evaporation process. The salt is washed, filtered, dried, screened, admixed and quality control tested.

Guaranteed Analysis
Sodium Chloride 96.5%
Zinc 4000 mg/kg
Iron 1600 mg/kg
Manganese 1200 mg/kg
Copper 330 mg/kg
Iodine 100 mg/kg
Cobalt 40 mg/kg

56 x 25kg Bags (Sifto #1332)
50 x 20kg Blocks (Sifto #3308)
10 x 2kg Licks (Sifto #3317)

Added: May 24, 2013

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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