Thirty Plus

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Thirty Plus Hay Preservative is a gentle buffered propionic acid combined with citric acid, reliably produces the greener, moister, sweeter smelling hay that tests high and livestock prefer.

Benefits of Using Thirty Plus

  • No more waiting on the weather, bale when you’re ready at moistures up to 30%
  • Start working earlier in the day and later in the evening
  • Bale at higher moistures without worry of heating or mold damage
  • Hay treated with Thirty Plus is greener and higher in feed value
  • When compared to dry preservatives and inoculants, Thirty Plus is easier to apply, gives more consistent coverage, and won’t clog application equipment
  • Works well on ALL types of hay
  • Non-corrosive buffered formula won’t harm expensive baling equipment, the user, or livestock
  • Thirty Plus treated hay can be stored for years and will look and feed as well as when it was first baled
  • Thirty Plus is ok to store outside as it won’t freeze and won’t lose effectiveness over time


15gal Drums, 120lb Drums, 54kg Drums
50gal Barrels, 450lb Barrels, 204kg Barrels
270gal Totes, 2380lb Totes, 1080kg Totes

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