SQ-810 natural sodium sesquicarbonate is a mineral that is fed to dairy and beef cattle as a rumen buffer. It is also fed to poultry as a source of sodium without chlorides.

Empirical Formula

Na2CO3 NaHCO3 2H2O (Sodium Sesquicarbonate)

Product Specifications

Sodium sesquicarbonate is listed as a mineral feed ingredient by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (57.138 AAFCO, IFN 6-17-895). “Sodium sesquicarbonate is the mixed sodium salt of carbonic acid. It generally provides not less than 90 percent of the hydrated double salt with a minimum 42 percent sodium carbonate, 33 percent minimum sodium bicarbonate and a maximum 10 percent insolubles. Sodium sesquicarbonate contains not less than 27.5 percent sodium.”

Typical Product % By Weight
Na2CO3 (Sodium Carbonate) 43.7
NaHCO3 (Sodium Bicarbonate) 34.4
H2O of Hydration (Molecular Water) 14.8
H2O Insolubles (Primarily Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate 7.0
NaC1 0.1
Total 100.0
Sodium Content 28.3 % Min.
Other Minerals % By Weight
Ca (Calcium) 0.6
Mg (Magnesium) 0.3
Fe (Iron) 0.1

Bulk Density

62 to 66 lbs/cu.ft



Store in a dry place

Feeding Recommendations

Dairy: For best results, SQ-810 natural sodium sesquicarbonate should be added to a balanced lactating cow diet at the following minimums:

Based on milk production, feed 0.8 ounces per 10 pounds of milk produced (i.e., 8 ounces per cow per day for a cow producing 100 pounds of milk). These levels can be achieved by adding 30 pounds per ton in the non-forage (grain) portion of the diet OR by adding 15 pounds per ton of total mixed ration (TMR).

Under most feeding conditions, additional SQ-810 natural sodium sesquicarbonate may be beneficial to increase dietary cation/anion difference (DCAD).

Poultry: Feed to poultry as a source of sodium (carbonate and bicarbonate) without chloride. Include in the diet at levels of 6 to 8 pounds per ton.

Beef: In starting cattle, use SQ-810 natural sodium sesquicarbonate at a rate of 1.0% to 1.5% of total dietary dry matter for the first 30 days. After the cattle are well acclimated to the ration, reduce the feeding rate to 0.50% to 0.75% of diet dry matter.

If a high silage (high moisture) diet or highly fermentable wheat is fed in the finishing period, use 1.0% SQ-810 natural sodium sesquicarbonate in the total diet dry matter.

Sheep/Goats: SQ-810 natural sodium sesquicarbonate should be fed at a rate of 0.75% of the total mixed ration (15 pounds per ton).

Features Benefits
Alkalizes/buffers Neutralizes and buffers the rumen environment
Dry granular texture Easy to store, handle, mix and feed
Sold in bags or bulk Convenient
Dietary source of cations (Na) without Cl or S. Increases DCAD which increases blood buffering capacity

1 x 1000kg Totes

Date Revision: 13 March 2015

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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