XiteBio® SoyRhizo®

A Premium Liquid Inoculant with AGPT®.

XiteBio® SoyRhizo® is a premium liquid inoculant with Advanced Growth Promoting Technology (AGPT)® that delivers better plant vigour and higher yields.

AGPT® not only introduces optimum numbers of Bradyrhizobium japonicum into the soil, it also invigorates the natural soil microflora and creates a synergistic effect.

The Advantages of AGPT® Include:

  • Introduces optimum numbers of rhizobia
  • Invigorates the native soil microflora
  • Creates synergy between natural and introduced microbes
  • Ready to use liquid formulation
  • Effective under different soil & environmental conditions
  • Greater root nodulation & boosts N-fixation
  • Improves soil health
  • Improves crop vigor
  • Enhances plant performance
  • Results in higher yields

Ready-To-Use Liquid Formulation In A Single Bladder Pack

  • Innovative, unparalleled, user friendly, ready-to-use liquid formulation
  • Invigorates the native rhizobium population to work efficiently with introduced rhizobia during the crop growing season
  • The only product not trying to out compete what is in your soil
  • Superior contaminant free product provides over 2 billion Bradyrhizobium japonicum per gram
  • Encourages greater root nodulation and boosts higher nitrogen fixation
  • Works under different soil and environmental conditions
  • Compatible with most of the popular soybean seed treatment chemicals
  • A liquid inoculant that lasts 64 days on-seed with seed treatment chemicals
  • 2 year shelf life

Extremely Good Nodulation, Better Than Our Current Brand

“The SoyRhizo beans are an extremely nice looking crop. It’s quite a difference between the SoyRhizo treated beans and those from other brands. The SoyRhizo inoculant gave us extremely good nodulation, better than our current brand. Our average yield is 28 bu/ac. I expect SoyRhizo will give us at least 40 bu/ac of soybean.”

– Wayne Drangsholt, Mohall, ND

Effect of Inoculant on Soybean Yield

5-7 bu/ac Advantage Over Another Inoculant

“I’ve used SoyRhizo for two years now on 1500 acres and got about a 5-7 bu/ac advantage over another inoculant. I’m very happy with XiteBio SoyRhizo and will be using it again next year.”

– Joe Gorski, Harrow, ON

SoyRhizo® On-Seed Treatment Compatibility

Compatible Seed Treatment
Product Choices

Allegiance FL

Apron Maxx RFC

Apron Maxx RTA


Cruiser Maxx Vibrance Beans

EverGol Energy

EverGol Energy + Stress Shield 600


PreCede Soybean

Rancona Apex

Rancona RS

Senator PSP

Vibrance Maxx

Vibrance Maxx RFC

Vitaflo 280

Soybean On-Seed
Planting Window

64 Days

64 Days

64 Days

64 Days

64 Days

64 Days

30 Days

28 Days


64 Days

64 Days

64 Days

64 Days

64 Days

64 Days

In-Furrow Tank-Mix Fertilizer Compatibility

Compatible In-Furrow
Fertilizer Product Choices



Alpine G22

KS 1022

KS 1410

LS 624

Soy Green – Low Rate

Soy Green – High Rate

Soybean Tank-Mix
Planting Window

8 Hours

8 Hours

8 Hours

8 Hours

8 Hours

8 Hours

6 Hours

NOTE: SoyRhizo® may be applied with approved seed treatment products either simultaneously, sequentially or in a tank mix (slurry). If a tank mix is used, the mixture must be applied to the seed immediately and only the amount that can be applied to the seed in an hour should be premixed. * TBD: To Be Determined

Last Updated: 30 March 2017

Application Rates


60 mL/27 kg seed
(2.0 fl oz/bu; 3.33 fl oz/cwt seed)


175 mL/ac or 432 mL/ha
(at 30″ or 76 cm row spacing)

Unit Treats

1 x 10 L (1 x 200 Unit Case)

4540 kg seed (10,000 lb)
or 168 bu

1 x 10 L (1 x 200 Unit Case)

57.2 ac at 30″ row spacing
23.2 ha at 76 cm row spacing

Packaging: 1 x 10L (1 x 200 Unit Case)

Issue Date: 19 September 2017

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