Nyjer® Seed



Nyjer® seeds belongs to group of the oilseeds because of its fat content of about 35 %. Other popular names are Niger seeds, ramtilla, Inga seed, black-seed, khursani or Thistle. One can find these tiny seeds in many winter bird food mixtures. But also many pet birds such as budgies like to eat Nyjer® seeds.

Purity 98.5 % Minimum
Moisture 12 % Maximum
Test Weight NA

Other Factors:

(1) No mold or objectionable odor or live infestation present at time of delivery.

(2) For Wild Bird Feeding Industry

(3) Not for Human consumption

80 x 25lb Bags
50 x 50lb Bags

Revision Date: 10 April 2015

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Formally known as MSDS

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