MEGALACĀ® consists of calcium salts of long chain fatty acids. This unique controlled-release energy source has a measured net energy of lactation value of 2.96 Meal/lb. Unlike conventional fat sources, MEGALAC does not interfere with rumen fermentation.


Product Specifications
Fat (as fatty acids) Min. 82.5% (typically 85%)
Calcium Min. 8.8%
Max. 10.6%
L.O.D. (moisture) Typically 3.0% – 4.0%


Calcium salts of long chain fatty acids
Ethoxyquin (as a preservative)

Energy Values

Net Energy of Lactation – 2.96 Meal/lb. (6.52 Meal/kg)


MEGALAC is a dry granular material that mixes well with all common feed ingredients. It does not melt or freeze, no matter how hot or cold the weather.

Bulk Density

31.2 lbs,/cu.ft.

Packaging: 40 x 25kg Bags

As with any new feed ingredient, a gradual introduction of rumen bypass fat is desirable. Introducing at low levels to cows beginning two weeks prior to calving is suggested. For more specific feeding recommendations, contact your nutrition advisor.

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