Essentiom (Megalac R)



Same formula. New name. MEGALAC®-R is now ESSENTIOM™

Maintain health and performance.

ESSENTIOM™, formally Megalac-R®, is a rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Cattle need EFAs to stay energized and thrive with healthy immune systems and reproductive success.

ESSENTIOM provides a rumen-inert energy source with EFAs to:

  • Allow for normal postcalving recovery time and immune function
  • Support start-up milk
  • Supply the EFAs required by the immune system at the right time leading to normal reproductive health and performance
Fat (as fatty acids) 80.0% Min
Calcium 8.5% Min
I.O.D. (moisture) 5.0% Max


Calcium Salts of Fatty Acids (from palm fatty acid distillate, soy oil), BHT (as a preservative)


ESSENTIOM is a dry granular material that mixes well with all common feed ingredients and is easy to pellet. It does not melt or freeze, no matter how hot or cold the weather.

Feeding Recommendations:

ESSENTIOM Rumen Bypass Fat is a high energy feed ingredient designed specifically to maximize the energy intake of the high-producing or energy-restricted dairy cow. It is recommended ESSENTIOM be fed beginning 3 weeks prior to calving at the rate of 125-250 grams per cow per day and 350 to 450 grams from calving through conception. After conception, maintain or increase the feeding rate of ESSENTIOM up to 1 kg. per head per day, or as required, to provide energy for milk production and maintenance of good boy condition. Continue feeding until the cow achieved positive energy balance (usually 100-150 days postpartum). Make sure the ration is balanced for protein/amino acids required for the additional milk produced.

For best results:

Feed ESSENTIOM in the most diluted form possible, for example, in a total mixed ration, silage or in a palatable concentrate mix. When top dressing ESSENTIOM, start our with 50 to 125 grams and gradually increase the amount as the cows get acclimated to it.

Packaging: 40 x 25kg Bags

Issue Date: July 24 2003

Revision Date: January 2 2019


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