E-Z Flow VT

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Luzenac’s E-Z Flow VT is a platy mineral used in agricultural applications. E-Z Flow VT is a superior anti-caking/flow control additive used wherever improved handling characteristics are desired, especially in feedstuffs and fertilizers. E-Z Flow VT functions as a unique and cost-effective die lubricant.

E-Z Flow VT has no adverse effect on animals and will not affect animal metabolism. E-Z Flow VT has been approved for use in animal feeds by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, under Reference IFN 8-16-378. E-Z Flow VT also is registered under Canadian Animal Food Additive #990161.

Typical Properties
200 Mesh, % passing 99
Surface Area, m2/g 10
Specific Gravity 2.8
Average Moisture, wt% 0.4
Loose Bulk Density, lbs/ft3 40
Tapped Bulk Density, lbs/ft3 69
Mineral Analysis (by X-Ray Diffraction)
Talc % 50-60
Magnesite % 35-40
Chlorite % 1-4


Packaging: 55 x 50lb Bags

Revision Date: 17 July 2017


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