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E-Z FLAKE is a feed grain conditioner for increased production of quality grain flakes. E-Z FLAKE allows the moisture content of grain to be raised to optimum levels prior to flaking or dry rolling. In addition, E-Z FLAKE has lubricating action which improves grain flow.


Use 250 grams of E-Z FLAKE per tonne of grain. Proportion the E-Z FLAKE into a water stream. Use a flow-meter to determine the rate of water flow and apply the E-Z FLAKE and water solution to grain as it is being moved into the storage bin above the roller. Enough water should be added to bring the moisture content of the grain to about 18-20%.


Lecithin and Propionic Acid, a preservative.


A heavy, clear, amber colored liquid with a strong odor resembling acetic acid. It has a pH of about 4.

Specific gravity 70E F 1.036
Specific gravity 32E F 1.049
Viscosity 70E F 62.86 cps
Viscosity 32E F 184.09 cps
Weight per gallon 70E F 8.6 lbs.


An E-Z Matic application unit is available. This unit’s basic components are a proportioning pump, water flow-meter, solenoid water valve and a booster pump to spray the solution on the grain. They range from simple manual systems to fully automated, self-adjusting PLC controlled systems that are custom designed to fit your specific needs. All systems are backed by our complete service program.

1 x 2400lb Totes


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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