Physical Properties:

Dextrose is an odourless, white powder with a clean, sweet taste. It is soluble in water. Dextrose Monohydrate is a general purpose sugar source.

Heat of Solution, cal/g -25.2
Melting Point, oC 83
Bulk Density, kg/m3
Loose 645
Packed 835
Moisture, % 9.0 Max.
Colour 1.5 max
Haze 1.0 max
Sediment, ppm 16 max
Dextrose, % 99.0 min
SO2 15.0 ppm Max.
#16 U.S. Mesh, % Trace
#30 U.S. Mesh, % 5% max
#200 U.S. Mesh % 25% max
Odour Good
Flavour Good

Packaging: 40 x 50lb Bags

Revision Date: 06 April 2015

Formally known as MSDS

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