Corn Starch



Analysis Min Max
Moisture 9.0% 12.5%
Scott (12g), secs .75
pH 4.8 5.8
Alkali Sensitivity, cps 17
Total Protein 0.32
Ash 0.2%
Odour Standard
NSR Standard

Brabender Viscosity:
peak 500
-15′ hold 425

Heavy Metals (as Pb):
typically will not exceed 5 ppm


Microbiological typically will not exceed
Standard Plate Count/g 500
Yeasts/g 50
Moulds/g 50
Coliforms/g 10
E.Coli/30g Negative
Salmonella/100g Negative

Packaging: 45x 50lb Bags


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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