Citric Acid



Packaging: 25 kg Bag
Product Name: Citric Acid Anhydrous
Chemical Formula: C6H807
Appearance: Colorless, white fine granular powder with strong acid taste
Melting Point: 153°C
Freezing Point: 151°C
Boiling Point: N/A
Density: N/A
Molecular Weight: 192.13
Specific Gravity: 1.542
Typical Analysis *
* Typical (%)
Assay 99.70
Iron: 0.0003
Heavy Metals: 0.00001
Sulphate: 0.02
Chloride: 0.001
Water: 0.55 max
Arsenic: 0.0001

Packaging: 42 x 25kg Bags

Issue Date: April 7, 2004


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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