Cel-Max Liquid



CEL-MAX LIQUID consists of a preparation of biologically active, Refined Functional Carbohydrates™ (RFC™) derived from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, blended with a rich supply of fermentation end-products from the culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on a defined nutrient media. This product, an excellent nutrient source for all classes of livestock and poultry, is delivered via drinking water, liquid feeds and milk replacer and improves performance and productivity while providing benefits to gut health and immunity.

Hydrolyzed yeast, yeast extract, yeast culture, acetic acid (preservative), xanthan gum (stabilizer), and FD&C Blue #1.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein 6.00% Min
Crude Fat 1.00% Min
Crude Fibre 2.50% Max
Moisture 82.00% Max
Feeding Recommendations
Dairy Calves 8 ml (0.3 oz.)/head/day
Lactation 14 ml (0.5 oz.)/head/day
Pre-fresh dry cows 28 ml (1 oz.)/head/day
Beef Pre-weaned calves 8 ml (0.3 oz.)/head/day
Growers 8 ml (0.3 oz.)/head/day
Finishers 12 ml (0.4 oz.)/head/day
Cows 10 ml (0.3 oz.)/head/day
Poultry 0.25 ml/L of drinking water
Swine Suckling 2 ml/head/day
Nursery 2 ml/head/day
Grower 6 ml/head/day
Finisher 6 ml/head/day
Sow 6 ml/head/day

Bulk Density
9.1 lbs./gal.

Store (bulk) in a clean tank at a temperature less than 140°F. Preferred storage conditions are 26°F to 140°F. Protect from prolonged freezing conditions. Can be used if frozen and completely thawed.

Use only as directed.

See product label. For complete analysis contact manufacturer. pH 3.8 to 4.2.

Green, slightly viscous liquid.

Shelf Life
Two years from date of manufacture.

Packaging: 2.5gal (9.46 L) Jugs

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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