Calcium Iodate 63.5%

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Chemical Formula: Ca (l03)2 H20

Chemical Analysis
Material Measurement
Iodine (I) 63.5% Min
Lead (Pb) 10ppm Max
Arsenic (As) 3ppm Max


Used as a source of Iodine in animal feed

Physical Properties:

White to off-white powder with very little or no odor. Also known as Calcium Iodate Anhydrous


Calcium Iodate is slightly soluble in water
Forms 0.52% solution @ 40°C
Forms 0.96% solution @ 100°C
It is more soluble in water solution containing Iodides or Amino Acids
It is soluble in Nitric Acid
It is soluble in Alcohol

Particle Size:

Max 5% retained on a #100 US Standard Sieve
Min 90% through #100 US Standard Sieve

48 x 25kg Bags

Formally known as MSDS

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