Bentonite Powder



Feed Grade

Sodium bentonite with an average particle size less than 200 Mesh

Purity: Hydrous aluminum silicate comprised principally of the clay mineral montmorillonite. Contains minor amounts of feldspar, calcite and gypsum.

Chemical Formula:Dioctahedral smectite, and expanding layer silicate: (Na,Ca)0.33(Al1.67Mg0.33)Si4O10(OH)2nH2O

Elemental Composition: Typical analysis – moisture free


Chemical Analysis % (Dry Basis)
(SiO2) 63.02
(Al2O3) 21.08
(Fe2O3) 3.25
(FeO) 0.35
MgO) 2.67
(Na2O) 2.57
(CaO) 0.65
Trace 0.72
LOl 5.64

Moisture: Maximum 12% as shipped

Bulk Density: 52-57lbs/cu.ft.

Dry Particle Size:

Sieve: 70% minimum passing 200 Mesh

pH: 8.0 – 10.5 at 6% solids


49 x 50lb Bags

Formally known as MSDS

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