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Ameri-Bond 2X is a lignin sulfonate used primarily as a high strength pellet binder in all types of animal feeds.

pH (10% solution) 7.0 (+/-0.8)
Dry Matter 94% Min
Calcium 6.3%
Reducing Sugars 7%
Ash 16%
Bulk Density 570 kg/m3
Insolubles 0.5% Max
Moisture 6.0% Max

Storage Stability:
Under dry conditions, powder products remain stable for several years.

Lignosulfonates are compatible with anionic and non-ionic materials, dispersants, wetting agents and most organic and inorganic materials.

Packaging: 48 x 25kg Bags, 1 x 600kg Totes

Revision Date: 20 November 2017

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Ameri-Bond 2X

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