Hoof Care Program – Choosing a Footbath Aid

Footbaths are a proactive, economic and a useful way for farmers to help prevent & control hoof problems, such as digital dermatitis in their dairy cattle. Once a farmer commits to a hoof care program, knowing what to use as a footbath aid can be a real challenge.

A common footbath aid used in hoof care programs is dry copper sulphate – many dairy farmers have stood by it for generations. However, we’re seeing a growing trend in liquid source of copper replacing this old tradition.

One product in particular that stands out is Copper Hoof 2X – it’s a unique, concentrated liquid source of copper, which is easy to use, costs less and is better for the environment.

Copper Hoof 2X

The Next Generation in Dairy Footbaths

Copper Hoof - 2X - Next Generation in Dairy Footbaths

How It Works

  • Copper Hoof 2X immediately takes the footbath solution into the acidic range to optimize solubility.
  • Copper Hoof 2X keeps pH in the optimum range longer, even in the presence of hard water salts and manure.
  • The concentrated power of Copper Hoof 2X solution keeps the copper ions active in the footbath. Virtually 100% of the powerful copper ions remain available.
  • Copper Hoof 2X’s suspended ionic copper requires no mixing – it disperses immediately. It is then slowly and fully utilized over time. It remains suspended uniformly in the footbath, which eliminates sediment and further mixing requirements.
  • Some other products can tie up the copper in tight chemical bonds, which weakens potential activity and can prevent the copper from going into solution.
Copper Hoof 2X in Suspension

Cost Savings

  • At typical prices, Copper Hoof 2X can save a farmer up to 50% over alternative programs.
  • The convenient liquid form saves even more in labour and storage costs.

Usage – Footbath Application

  • Copper Hoof 2X works best in a comprehensive alternative program.
  • In normal conditions: Pour 12-16oz of Copper Hoof 2X into a 200L/50G footbath to treat 150 – 200 cows.
  • In extreme conditions: Pour 16-20oz of Copper Hoof 2X into a 200L/50G footbath to treat 150 – 200 cows.
Copper Hoof 2X - Easy to Pour

Usage – Spray Applicator (10:1 Ratio)

  • Mix Copper Hoof 2X with water (10:1 ratio) and spray as required to affected areas on the hooves. Directly treat the affected areas and see the product in action on the hoof.
Copper Hoof 2X - Spray Applicator

Environmentally Friendly

  • Because the unique carrier in Copper Hoof 2X maintains the copper as free, active ions, less precipitates from the solution – less ends up in the pits, lagoon and ultimately on your fields.
  • Lower pollution means a more environmentally friendly dairy.
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