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Cold Soil = Low Phosphorus Availability

Phosphorus (P) availability is reduced in cold soils, and as you know, P is important for early root growth! 1

XiteBio Yield+ may help your dilemma with low P availability in cold soil by solubilizing soil-bound phosphate, converting it into a plant-usable form. XiteBio Yield+ can be applied infurrow with your starter fertilizer or with your early post herbicide spray.

The active ingredient is a unique patented strain of Bacillus firmus. This PGPR is a vigorous colonizer of plant roots with distinct phosphorus (P) solubilizing characteristics that work throughout the growing season to help plants maximize growth and cope with stress conditions.

Effect of XiteBio® Yield+ on Corn

Contact our Crop Inputs Account Manager, Dean Shantz at 519-662-2877 X.246 or complete the form below to schedule your delivery or for additional information.

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(1) Phosphorus Fertilization: Understanding Soil Chemistry and Crop
March 14, 2012, Dr. Don Flaten, University of Manitoba

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XiteBio® Yield+ Liquid Biologicals Powered by PGPR

XiteBio® Yield+ is an early post-emergent biological that can be tank-mixed with the herbicide application for the first pass at the 0-6 leaf stage or applied in-furrow. XiteBio® Yield+ products are based on a naturally occurring PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) platform, allowing for easy use and higher yields. XiteBio® Yield+ contains a unique strain of Bacillus firmus that utilizes three distinct modes of action to improve phosphorus availability and increase yields.

Please contact our Crop Inputs Account Manager, Dean Shantz at 519-662-2877 X.246 with any questions or for additional information.

Products currently available include:

  • XiteBio® Yield+ for Canola
  • XiteBio® Yield+ for Legumes
  • XiteBio® Yield+ for Corn, Wheat & Barley

Field Trials

The advantages of PGPR include

  • Ready to use liquid, no mixing with other liquids or powders required
  • Tank-mixable with most post-emergent herbicides and many liquid fertilizers
  • Convenient post emergent or in-furrow application options
  • Phosphorus solubilization that increases soil P availability and uptake
  • Production of plant growth phytohormones “e.g. IAA”
  • Siderophore production that chelates iron and increases availability
  • Improves early stage plant growth and nutrition
  • Reduces plant stress under poor environmental conditions
  • Increases root mass and development
  • Improves plant vigor and health
  • Earlier maturity and longer flowering
  • Increases yields and ROI

The science behind Yield+ technology

The mode of action is the way the a.i. (active ingredient) of the product affects the plant and its surrounding environment. XiteBio® Yield+ utilizes the following modes of action to help crops develop stronger root systems and better yields.

XiteBio® Yield+

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XiteBio® SoyRhizo® – Premium Liquid Soybean Inoculant with AGPT®

Pestell Minerals & Ingredients is pleased to announce that we are an official distributor of XiteBio® SoyRhizo® in Eastern Canada, a liquid soybean inoculant developed by XiteBio® Technologies Inc., an innovative biotechnology company focused on inoculants and biological products for the agricultural industry.

We are very excited what this new-age technology has to offer to the soybean industry and look forward to our new partnership with XiteBio®.

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Dust Suppressants – Calcium & Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Reduce dust on gravel roads, parking lots, yards and laneways.

Two commonly used dust suppressants on gravel surfaces are Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride, which are hygroscopic salts that absorb moisture from the air.

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Copper Hoof 2X – Next Generation in Dairy Footbaths

Footbaths are a proactive, economic and a useful way for farmers to help prevent & control hoof problems, such as digital dermatitis in their dairy cattle. Once a farmer commits to a hoof care program, knowing what to use as a footbath aid can be a real challenge.

A common footbath aid used in hoof care programs is dry copper sulphate – many dairy farmers have stood by it for generations. However, we’re seeing a growing trend in liquid source of copper replacing this old tradition.

One product in particular that stands out is Copper Hoof 2X – it’s a unique, concentrated liquid source of copper, which is easy to use, costs less and is better for the environment.

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