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Category Archives: Minerals

DCAD Plus – Boost Milk Fat, Combat Heat Stress with Healthy, Hydrated Cows

Kick up the K.

DCAD Plus™ gives cows the potassium (K) they need without adverse ration heating or the negative effects of chloride. It mitigates heat stress and can serve as a boost for milk fat depression.

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K-Diformate – Acidifier for Swine Feed

Potassium Diformate is based on ADDCON’s patented diformate technology, it is a performance enhancer for weaner and fattening pigs, as well for sows.

The advantages of Potassium Diformate speak for themselves. Continue reading to see what they are.

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Sweet Iron – Oral Iron Supplement for Nursing & Weaned Pigs

IRON is an essential nutrient during your pig’s rapid pre-weaning growth stage.
Pigs with inadequate iron supplementation are at a disadvantage and will not meet their growth potential.

Use SWEET IRON to compliment the iron shot you gave at birth and guarantee adequate iron to meet the nutritional requirement.

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DCAD+ – Rev It Up With K

DCAD Plus™ gives cows the potassium they need postfresh and beyond. It improves herd productivity by replenishing potassium (K) lost through production and everyday maintenance including panting, perspiring and urination. And when the temperatures heat up, DCAD Plus combats heat stress, supporting year-round healthy performance.

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