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ReaShure® Precision Release Choline is encapsulated choline, protected from rumen degradation through a proprietary process and delivered to the small intestine where it is absorbed. Choline is an essential nutrient for the health and well-being of animals and humans.

For cows, launch is the transition period. A smooth transition can boost peak milk production, increasing the altitude from which the glide path of her lactation begins.


  • Higher peak milk production
  • 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs)/cow/day more milk
  • 635 kg (1,403 lbs)/cow for entire lactation

New research from the University of Florida shows cows consuming a transition ration containing ReaShure had higher peaks and produced an additional 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs) of milk per day compared to cows that did not consume ReaShure. That would mean an additional 1,403 (635 kg) lbs of milk for that lactation

For cows, launch is the transition period. A smooth transition can boost peak milk production, increasing the altitude from which the glide path of her lactation begins.Through advancements in nutrient delivery technologies, we can now meet the choline requirement for the transition cow, helping to optimize liver function, reducing the risk of metabolic disorders and supporting fertility, milk yield and overall health.


  • Supports Fat Metabolism – Cows experience hormonal changes and negative energy balance around calving time which causes fat to be mobilized from body stores.
  • Supports Milk Fat Synthesis – The cow’s liver uses choline to package the mobilized fat into very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) which are then transported to the mammary gland and used as a fuel source or synthesized into milk fat.
  • Reduces Ketosis – If cows are deficient in choline, fat cannot be transported out of the liver and is stored there. Because the liver has limited ability to store fat it is diverted toward the production of ketones which enter the blood stream and may elevate to the point of toxicity (ketosis), causing reduced feed intake and consequently reduces milk yield.
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The Reality of New Crop Corn

Top 3 New Crop Corn Challenges:

1/ Hard running mill (temperature & amperage spikes)

2/ Reduction in mill throughput

3/ Poor pellet quality and durability

New Crop Corn can often be a challenge to pellet. Typically, pellet mills run harder and are more prone to choke, which causes overall productivity to decrease with the introduction of New Crop Corn. A build up on the die associated with early corn can slow throughput and wreak havoc on pellet durability, leading to poor pellet quality.

New Crop Corn is often higher in moisture, and while this may contribute to the problem there seems to be more to it since higher moisture corn at other times of the year does not seem to pellet as hard. There may be something related to it’s ‘newness’ that causes this, specific to developing starch and sugars in the corn.

PellTech has proven to smooth out hard running mills and increase throughput, while still maintaining a high-quality pellet. It is a unique pelleting aid that keeps the die surface clean and free-running in order to maximize mill productivity, which is especially important during a difficult New Crop Corn season.

Inclusion rates of PellTech as low as 0.3% have been effective in helping pellet New Crop Corn feeds. This includes feeds such as pig starters and feeds that are high in DDGS and/or urea.

Tired of your pellet mill choking up?
Looking for better throughput?

Contact your Account Manager to discuss a Pellet Mill Trial at your location:

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Water-Soluble Electrolyte Mix

Temperature Extremes. Transportation. Vaccinations. Illness.
Are you prepared for summer stressors?

MIN-HY is a highly water-soluble mixture that provides electrolytes and trace elements for poultry, swine, cattle, sheep, and horses. When added to drinking water it helps maintain normal body functions during times of stress. It is specially formulated to disperse readily intro drinking water and remain in suspension. Its light green colouring makes it easy to see whether it is flowing through your watering system properly. Even after 24 hours the only evidence of MIN-HY in the water is the green tint!

MIN-HY – Water Soluble Electrolyte - 10kg Pail

Mixing Directions:

227 grams of MIN-HY per 485 litres of drinking water


1:100 – mix 1.2 kgs of MIN-HY per 10 litres of water to make the stock solution

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Combat fly season with Garlic

Essential Garlic Essence™ Dry can be combined into premixes, minerals or top dressed to cut fly counts on cattle, equine and swine. Garlic contains a natural sulphur compound which works as a natural insect repellent that is emitted through skin after consumption. For optimal results, start feeding 3 weeks prior to fly season to allow time for absorption.

Dry Garlic Essence has the effect of fresh garlic juice….made from garlic oil, not dried product, for the most effective and long lasting taste. Available in 20kg Pails, it is free-flowing and easy to use.

Benefits & Uses

  • Enhances palatability
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial, aids in respiratory health
  • Can be fed all year round when included in a feed, supplement, mineral or salt to maintain a consistent taste to the animal in the feedstuff all year long

Feeding Rate:

  • Use at a 1-2 kg rate in complete feeds
  • Use at a 2-3 kg rate in supplements, minerals, and salts

Recommended Species:

Garlic in the News

Canadian Cattlemen | Garlic is worth its salt for fly control

The Western Producer | Rancher uses garlic to keep flies at bay

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Negative DCAD Balancing with BIO-CHLOR

Negative DCAD Balancing with BIO-CHLOR

Less disease, smoother calving.

BIO-CHLOR™ is the only consistently formulated, palatable anion source that drives bacterial growth to support rumen function and produce metabolizable protein (MP). BIO-CHLOR delivers the negative DCAD required to consistently acidify cows and help prevent metabolic disorders.

Monitor urine pH to help prevent metabolic disorders.

  • Measuring urine pH is a tool to verify that cows are consistently consuming the negative DCAD diet that was formulated and delivered to the bunk
  • The lower the ration DCAD the lower the urine pH

NOTE: See our How-To Sheet on monitoring urine pH.

The BIO-CHLOR advantage:

  1. Supports dry matter intake (DMI) prepartum leading to less time diagnosing off-feed issues postpartum
  2. Smoother calvings with fewer metabolic disorders
  3. Fewer resources needed to diagnose and treat subclinical/clinical issues

BIO-CHLOR helps stop milk fever before it starts.

DCAD balancing: proven.

The close-up ration helps set the stage for optimal performance in the upcoming lactation. One proven nutritional tool during transition is dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) balancing.

Spend less time dealing with disorders.

A healthier herd with BIO-CHLOR.

Cows fed BIO-CHLOR at least 21 days prepartum experienced:1

  • 84.6% fewer cases of milk fever
  • 65.9% reduction in retained placentas
  • 71.0% fewer uterine infections

MP: the healthy way to achieve efficiency.

Deliver more MP with the ideal amino acid profile.

MP is the form of protein that’s digested postruminally and supplies essential amino acids which are vital to dairy cow maintenance and productivity.

Improved Protein Status

  • Reduce metabolic disease
  • Improved immune function
  • Greater start-up milks

Boost milk yield.

In two different studies, cows fed BIO-CHLOR 21 days prepartum showed improved milk production compared to the control diet.3,4

Recommended feeding rates.

Feeding rates will vary and are approximately 1.5 to 2.0 lbs. per cow per day.

  • Obtain DCAD forage analysis by wet chemistry and test water supply to determine chloride, potassium, sodium and sulfur levels which can vary by water source and could affect DCAD levels
  • Optimum DCAD range for prepartum cows is -8 to -12 meq/100g dry matter
  • Feed BIO-CHLOR™ as a primary MP source in prepartum cow diets


NOTE: For more details on formulating ration DCAD, ask your Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition representative about our How-To Sheets for balancing negative and positive DCAD diets.

Who Doesn't Want To

Prevent Metabolic Disorders?

Great Minds Think Alike.

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We use scientific research to unlock the power of nature to create products that focus on your Animals First. Productivity Always. To learn more about MEGALAC contact your nutritionist, veterinarian or Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition representative or visit

1. Robert Corbett. ARM & HAMMER™ Animal Nutrition, 2001. Data on file.
2. Weich W, Block E, Litherland, NB. Extended negative dietary cation-anion difference feeding does not negatively affect postpartum performance of multiparous dairy cows. J Dairy Sci 2013;96:5780-5792.
3. Hoover, Webster. Difference in feed intake pre- and postpartum, urine pH prepartum, and difference in production parameters postpartum for cows fed a control diet vs. a BIO-CHLOR containing diet (DCAD -10 meq/100 g DM) for 21 days pre-partum. ADSA Abstract, 1998.
4. DeGroot MA, Block E, French PD. Effect of prepartum anionic supplementation on periparturient feed intake, health, and milk production. J Dairy Sci 2010:93:5268–5279.
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Video | Golden Flake – Palm Fat Supplement (C16:0 C18:0 Bypass Fat)

Golden Flake is a palm oil based by-product, which is high in C16:0 & C18:0 content, extremely high in energy and a very palatable protected fat. Golden Flake can be incorporated into a total mixed ration, top-dressed onto forage or included in a blend. Pestell Minerals & Ingredients is the exclusive distributor of Golden Flake in Canada & USA.

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Trident Protected Fats – Sustainable Palm Oil in Protected Fats

Since June 2014, all Trident Protected Fat products, including Silver Prills & Golden Flake have been GreenPalm certified.

All users of Trident Protected Fats can claim they are supporting the production of Sustainable Palm Oil.

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11 Essential Flavours to Encourage Feed Intake

Animals rely on their sense of smell and taste to evaluate desirable feed. When feedstuffs have an unpleasant smell and taste, they can result in reduced feed intake and a poor return on investment for producers.

Essential Dry Essence™ Flavours are designed to impart both aroma and taste to feedstuffs, therefore maintaining a consistency in feed regardless of formulation change or ingredient challenges.

Listed here are 11 Essential Flavours to encourage feed intake, mask unpleasant smelling ingredients, enhance palatability and maximize your profits!

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Bio-Chlor – For Smoother Calving & Less Disorders

Less disease, smoother calving.

BIO-CHLOR™ is the only consistently formulated, palatable anion source that drives bacterial growth to support rumen function and produce metabolizable protein (MP). BIO-CHLOR delivers the negative DCAD required to consistently acidify cows and help prevent metabolic disorders.

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Megalac – Consistent Energy, Consistent Productivity

The industry’s first bypass fat.

MEGALAC® helps enhance herd productivity by delivering rumen bypass fat to the small intestine. This provides the extra energy needed to achieve peak production levels.

MEGALAC is the first bypass fat and most efficient energy source on the market.1 First introduced in 1986, MEGALAC remains the industry standard and is the only bypass fat with a USDA measured Net Energy for Lactation (NEL) value, 2.96 Mcal/lb.2

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