Silver Prills

Product Description

Silver Prills - Logo     GreenPalm Sustainability Logo Silver Prills is GreenPalm Certified A fat supplement to increase the energy density of feed Features & Benefits

  • High C16 Content
  • Extremely High in Energy
    • Crude Fat 99%
  • Consistent Quality
    • Produced in one factory, resulting in consistent quality.
  • Palatability
    • A palatable product for use as a top dress or in TMR’s.
  • Easy to Handle
    • Snow-white, free-flowing mini-prills are easily handled and incorporate well into the ration.
 Crude Fat (Minimum) 99%
 Total Fatty Acids (Minimum) 95%
 Free Fatty Acids ( Maximum) 99.7%
 Palmitic Acid (C16:0) Minimum 80%
 Moisture (Maximum) 0.5%
 Unsaponifiable Matter (Maximum) 2.0%
 Insoluble Matter (Maximum) 0.5%
Feeding & Using
  • Silver Prills can be incorporated into a total mixed ration, top-dressed onto forage or included in a blend. Silver Prills can also be incorporated into dairy grain rations or supplements.
  • Feeding Rates
    • Dairy Cows: up to 500g/head/day
    • Milking Goats & Ewes: up to 50g/head/day
Production Process
  • Silver Prills is based on palm stearin, a by-product from the processing of palm oil. The crude palm oil is cleaned, distilled and then fractionated to purify the C16 content.
  • Storing
    • Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. Stack pallets no more than two high.
    • Shelf Life: 15 months from date of manufacture.
Packaging: 48 x 25kg Bags, 1 x 650kg Totes Canada Feeds Act Registration #991122 Revision Date: 31 July 2019

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