Boron 10% Granular

Product Description

Boron 10% is ideal for blending mixed fertilizers for soil application. Granule size and bulk density closely match with other fertilizer ingredients providing uniform distribution of plant nutrients. Boron 10% is a product containing both calcium and sodium borate. Sodium borate is highly water soluble and calcium borate is less soluble for extended availability. Boron 10% is agronomically preferred in low CEC soils because of plant physiological uptake.

Chemical Analysis Typical
Boron (B) 10.0%
Calcium (Ca) 10.28%
Sodium (Na) 7.32%
Arsenic (As) <1%
Physical Properties
Hardness: 6.6 lbs/granule
Particle Size (US Std) Typical
+ 5 0
-5/+ 12 98
-12 2
Bulk Density 55-60 lbs/ft³
Packaging: 40 x 25kg Bags 1 x 1200kg Totes Revision Date: 17 March 2015

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