Flavour - Garlic

Product Description

Essential Garlic Essence™ Dry

Flavour has the effect of fresh Garlic juice….made from garlic oil, not dried product, for the most effective and long lasting taste.
  • Natural flavor components…often preferred, by beef cattle, over other mineral flavours.
  • Dry Garlic Essence is free flowing and easy to use.
  • Used as a palatability enhancer, and observed as a deterrent for flies in the summer months.
    • We suggest to begin feeding Garlic Essence a minimum of three weeks prior to fly season.
    • Can be fed all year round when included in a feed, supplement, mineral or salt to maintain a consistent taste to the animal in the feedstuff all year long.
For use in complete feeds, supplements, mineral, and salts.
  • Use at a 1-2 kg rate in complete feeds.
  • Use at a 2-3 kg rate in supplements, minerals, and salts
Store Essential Garlic Essence Dry in a sealed container in cool, dry area, and avoid close proximity to non-flavored products. Product characteristics will not deteriorate when maintained under recommended storage conditions, or when subjected to normal temperatures of mixing and steam compression during pelleting. Packaging: 20kg Pails Issue Date: 17 July 2017

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